Choir exchange to Brecon

The visit to a community choir in Brecon, Alive and Kicking, was a fantastic success. Thanks must go to their own Musical director, Tanya, who helped us learn new songs by the natural voice approach, and to their members who joined in to help us learn, and fed us with a stupendous buffet. Alive and Kicking were a friendly bunch and we quickly gelled. They also applauded (and they didn’t have to as we were not at our best as our Musical Director was not with us through illness) when we sang our favourite songs- Tebe Poem; Dida Voi;  Nkosi sikeleili Africa; Woke up this Morning with my Mind set on Freedom and joined in with the Long Walk to Freedom. The happy faces in the photo gallery show how we enjoyed the sharing of voices! We look forward to hosting a return visit and cementing our  new ‘special relationship!